Week 1 summary - Still fat still running

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Weight: 92.1 KG

Ok so let's be honest, I was kidding myself at best and at worst plain being deceitful when I said I was going to do some blogging, maybe make a useful orchard module and get fit. So one week in, what have I done? Well, I've done some exercise, in addition to taking part in the local park run at the weekend I also joined the local squash club.

There has been a noticeable (on the scales) difference in my weight, after eating a fewer snacks late at night and starting to be a bit more active I've lost 7lb in the last week. It's nice to see the numbers go down, though in truth my clothes down seem any less tight and I feel just the same going about my day to day activities. 

This is to be expected as I've spent years perfecting this paunch.

The real challenge will be over the coming weeks, let's see how the no snacking and more exercise go with a lack of sleep and extreme tiredness. My baby boy is due in 3 days (terrifying to write that) so there may be an interruption in my plans. For now I'll just tag on my most recent runs because if I've learnt anything from social media in the last few years it's that the most beneficial part of any exercise regime is banging on about it on the internet to anyone who'll listen.