Ramblings of a software developer

  • How to create a simple sitemap module for orchard

    Weight: loads

    One thing that comes up quite regularly on stack overflow and forums are questions related to sitemaps (or lack of) in Orchard. This quick post will show you how to create a module that will provide the functionality needed to deliver a sitemap that has been automatically generated from orchard content. The solution here is very much the minimum to deliver a sitemap for the website. 

  • Week 1 summary - Still fat still running

    Weight: 92.1 KG

    Ok so let's be honest, I was kidding myself at best and at worst plain being deceitful when I said I was going to do some blogging, maybe make a useful orchard module and get fit. So one week in, what have I done? Well, I've done some exercise, in addition to taking part in the local park run at the weekend I also joined the local squash club.

  • Fat lad runs

    Weight: 95 kg

    After years of wonderful sloth interrupted by a few short bits of activity I've found myself the wrong side of 15 stone with a belly to match that of my 9 month pregnant better half.

  • Is our sprint length wrong?

    A little while back, I fell into the role as scrum master as well as developer on our team. I think partly because I was experienced enough and not yet universally hated. Having not done this role before I was sent to do some scrum training (very interesting by the way, I would highly recommend it for those ‘doing agile’ https://www.agil8.com/our-team/david-hicks/)